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Tractor Trailer Technician

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Position Title: Tractor Trailer Technician

Position Summary: Performs maintenance on tractors and trailers

Essential Functions

1. Provide routine maintenance such as oil changes, filter replacements, tires, brakes, any trailer repairs, including electrical diagnosis and repairs, including ABS system.

2. Conducts preventative maintenance in order to maintain D.O.T. regulations and safety. Replace air chambers, wheel bearings, wheel seals, dollies, doors, door seals, patches roofs and needed repairs to trailer body, aligns axles as needed; and minor damage repair including some welding on aluminum and steel.

3. Maintains a clean and organized work area. Works in a safe and efficient manner. Follows all company safety policies.

4. Maintains organization of shop; follows proper shop procedures, assists other shop staff members with maintenance as needed; and performs various ground and property maintenance as needed.

5. Participates in departmental training involving updated repair procedures, safety awareness and equipment changes.

6. Perform other duties as assigned.

Necessary Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required; One year of experience in the area of fleet maintenance or related field preferred; ability to read and write work orders, basic computer skills and possession of Roll Tool Chest and hand tools.

Physical Qualifications:

- Abilty to lift 70 lbs. and apply 20 lbs. of force to pull, push or lift constantly.
- Exposures include: various noise levels, vibration of the extremities or whole body, and atmospheric conditions such as fumes, odors, dusts, mists, and gases.
- Ability to perform crouching, stretching, high reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, climbing, and squatting while performing job duties.
- Ability to stand, walk and meet the above requirements on various surface areas and conditions.

Abilities: Must be able to read, understand and apply shop manuals, repair manuals, extraction of data from engines, and some PC use required.

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